Clyde High School Alumni Association

Class of '64

50th Reunion

50th Reunion Clyde High School Class of 1964  --  June 2014


All are not necessarily graduates of 1964, but were definitely classmates over the years!

In case you do not recognize us, here are the names, hopefully by rows:

First row, far left:  Joretta Underwood White, Barbara Yost Sons, Judy Murray Councill, Virginia Jenkins Underwood,  Donna McCracken, Sue McClure McCracken, Nancy Stevenson Woodell, Cynthia Beall Hyatt, Nelda Hardin Scroggs(in white pants), Sara Queen Brown (teacher now 93), Patsy Cook (teacher).

Next row:  Mike Haney, Linda Ray Haney, Tava Green Taylor, Hilda Sorrells Leatherwood, Roberta Ducker Fore, Carolyn Seay, Elaine Long Lindsey, Sharon Hyatt Frizzell, Richard Marshall (teacher) Ernestine Parton (teacher) and out in right field is Mike Miller.

Back row:  Mike McCracken, Mike Bolden (completely hidden by Donna's hair!), Harry Shuler, Bob Akin (only see his hair and eyebrows behind Sue McCracken), Richard Ray Moody, Howard Sorrells, and Myrl Brown.

​10th Reunion                                                   Clyde High School - July 5,1974
​Front row: Donna McCracken, Sue McClure, Helen Hannah, Cynthia Beall, Helene Killan
​2nd Row: Barbara Yost, Hilda Sorrells, Judy Murray, Elaine Long, Cecil Hannah, Mike Haney, Mike Bolden
​3rd Row: Joyce Walker, Sara Q. Brown, Linda Ray
​4th Row: Carolyn Seay, Mike Miller, Harry Shuler, Jerry McCracken, Bob Aiken, Ed Shelton, Howard Sorrells, Myrl Brown
5th Row: Patty Gillis, Nelda Hardin, Perry Plemmons, Jerry Leatherwood, Doug Haynes, Mike McCracken


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